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Inside Out

“It is senseless to be physically fit and have a broken spirit. You can’t cover up shattered self-esteem with makeup, haircuts, and manicures. Face yourself and get healthy from the inside out.”


Gotta Have Faith

Act as if you know it will happen. Behave as if your dreams have already come true. Then you will see the universe begin to line up in your favor, people in your life change, and situations begin to occur that help you achieve your goals.



Quantum Physics 101

Quantum Physics 101:

The present is defined by a confluence of your thoughts, guided and restricted by your beliefs.

The future becomes the present when your beliefs change.

Time measures how much effort you require to change your thoughts.

And space shows exactly what you’re now thinking about.

And therein you see that the one, universal, immovable, unifying equation that sums up all things physical and metaphysical is Thoughts Become Things, which is all you really need to know.