Benefits of Meditation

Anytime that I have an opportunity, I always try to explain to people the need to mediate, and the benefits they can obtain from it.  The advantages of meditation have been documented for thousands of years from most civilizations in our world history.  As of lately there has been a major increase in those of our western culture, who now practice mediation and yoga techniques on a daily bases.  Mediation is not about sitting with your legs crossed while chanting.  Although that can be a method, there are thousands of other techniques when it comes to how to meditate.  One meditation method can be done by focusing on an object, such as a candle. You could also focus on a thought, or use visualization methods.   There are also techniques that involve movement and dancing.  Meditation at it’s simplest form is the focusing of your mind.   On a daily occurrence, our minds are in a constant state busyness.  There are thousands of thoughts that can pass through our minds in a matter of minutes in some cases.  Eventually, we develop habits based on all these thoughts that we take in, and this can cause problems if we are not monitoring what we are taking in.  If you are always thinking, why not think about something positive and beneficial to yourself and others.   Though there are hundreds of benefits to mediation, I’ll name a few that fall into the categories of physical health, mental health, social benefits, and spiritual growth.



Physical Health

Increases the blood flow and slows the heart rate.

Lowers your  blood pressure.

Helps with lowering anxiety attacks

Alleviate symptoms of  allergies

Alleviate symptoms of arthritis

Helps with Pre-menstrual symptoms

Improves the immune system.

Lowers the effects of the common cold

Increases your energy and strength

Assists with weight loss

Lowers your cholesterol levels

Improves airflow into the lungs

Alleviates and controls pain from chronic diseases

Cures migraines

Improves the functioning of the brain

Relieves asthma symptoms

Improves physical performances

Improves your nervous system

Need less sleep

Cures insomnia

Mental Health

Helps to control phobias & fears

Helps to control your thoughts

Helps with focusing and concentration

Increases your creativity

Increases your ability to solve complex problems

Improves your memory

Increases your productivity levels

Improves your intelligence levels

Increases your intuition

Lowers the amount of restless thinking

Decreases your worrying

Improves functionality between the two brain hemispheres

Social Benefits

Increases your self-confidence

Helps improve relationships

Makes it easier to stop bad habits

Allows you to react more effectively to a stressful events

Improves relationships at work, home, and socially

Helps you to see the bigger picture in situations

Helps you ignore petty issues that come up

Lowers road rage

Improves listening skills

Improves empathy

Increases your tolerance levels

Helps develop a more stable personality

Increases your job satisfaction

Increases ability for  intimate contact

Improves your sociable behavior

Helps you achieve less aggressiveness

Assists in quitting smoking, alcohol, and other addictions

Lowers the need for illegal and pharmaceutical drugs

Spiritual Growth

Helps you put things in perspective

Provides peace of mind

Helps you find your purpose

Helps you find yourself and achieve more of an understanding

Harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit

Improves acceptance of yourself

Improves your ability to forgive

Improves your attitude toward life

Forms a deeper relationship with your definition of God

Achieve enlightenment

Helps you stay  in the present moment

Reduces the power of the ego

Increases the synchronicity in your life