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Good Help is Hard to Find…

One of the common themes that I’m finding with 3 of the companies that I’m involved with is finding good team members. It seems now a days that everyone wants to have the C Suite executive lifestyle, but only have internship skills and work ethic. In a way I can understand it, because there are only a handful of those who will make it to be successful millionaires. And those few are the ones who show their dedication and hard work on every level of their career. That fact that only a few are willing to do the essential things to be truly successful, correlates to the amount of successful people that there are.
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At company 1, we had a small team, but when business started to increase, the managers did not increase their staff soon enough. This lead to the small staff  having to handle an increased workload and also to be more efficient. Some of the employees took this opportunity to show their abilities and put themselves in a position to be promoted. Other employees showed their flaws and their lack of skills. Once the new staff was in place, the company is now faced with the recently hired employees, the impressive employees, and the employees who proved that they could not cut it under pressure. So the decision is now what do you do with the employees who folded under pressure? Do you keep passing them over for promotions and hopefully they’ll put in their resignation? Do you give them a chance and fire them if they don’t produce? Do you try to coach them to become better employees?

Company 2. This start up company was designed to provide an opportunity to others who wanted to build and promote their personal brand.  In the initial stages before launching, everyone was excited and eager to get started.  Some stated that they wanted to submit blog posts, some wanted to work on the podcasts, and others wanted to work on the business side.  5 months into the company, none of them have done anything!!  I’ve learned in the past that most people just like to speak just to hear themselves speak.  You’ll find in your career that everyone will tell you want you want to hear and what makes them sound good.  Be prepared to deal with this numerous times.  It’s easy to get frustrated, but just try to judge people a little better.  It’s always great to give someone a chance to prove themselves, but don’t count on that person as a dependable staff member until they prove they are.

Company 3

This company has been operational for 2 years, so it’s still in the start up phase .The company has done great until this point, but there have been lots of changes to the staff since it was started. The company is at the point now where they want to expand their locations as well as products/services offered, but they are at a stop due to the staff.  Most employees are trained in one area, and can not be trusted to handle different tasks without supervision. This also puts a strain on the 1 or 2 people who are multi skilled because they now have to be a part of everything and it’s stretching them thin.  The logical options for this situation would be to either train the staff according, hire new staff, and/or alter the products and services offered until they can properly be handled.

The moral of it all is that it’s important to find the right people to partner with or to hire as employees. One bad hire can set you back 6-12 months of productivity. One bad partner can cost you your entire company. So understand the importance of you decision, take your time, and choose wisely.



New Year… Let’s Go

Ok, it’s a new year and as usual, everyone is making a list of the changes that they will be implementing and probably not completing. So of course I have my ideas and changes that I want to implement.

One of these, is to make sure I stay more active and current with my writing and blog posts. Due to the numerous other ventures I’m involved in, it’s sometimes hard to find time to write and informative post, or to even just journal my updates. But I know that doing this is very important, so I’m definitely going to put more attention to this.

Also, due to the hectic schedule I have, I’m going to make more effort to stay organized. I’ve always been organized, but organization can always be perfected.. With tools like Evernote, Trello, and Asana, I’m able to keep all my ideas, notes, web pages, etc more organized.
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I’m also going to stop spreading myself so thin. I’m interested in doing lots of things but if I’m doing 20 things, I can’t devote the necessary time and effort needed to help those 20 things prosper. So narrowing down my focus to 5-10 projects will allow me to be more effective in all of them.

In the first month of the year, I’m already involved in a 9to5, Investment Holding Company, Start Up Media Networking Company, and a Start Up Electronic Retail/Repair Company… Not to mention the Investing in Stocks, other companies, Forex, Real Estate, etc… So it seems my year is full already…

But I will make sure that I do a better job at updating everyone and my progress, successes, and failures…..


Journal of Updates

Previously I stated that I would be blogging about my adventures of my new start up company.  Since then, there have been many updates and changes, but no blog posts.  So first, I want to say that, that will change.  I’ve also taken on multiple new jobs with other companies, and many new consulting projects.  So I figure that I will just write about the assignments that I’m working on, and the challenges that are being faced.  One thing I will not do is give any information regarding the name of the business that I’m referring to out of respect for their privacy . So I will do my best to keep you updated, but without saying too much.   Hope you enjoy and find the information helpful.  And if you haven’t make sure you connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn.